Solution Manual


This interactive manual contains the solutions of the Homework Problems in the textbook Mechanics of Civil Engineering Structures written by László P. Kollár and Gabriella Tarján. 

Our aim is to provide an efficient learning process to apply the theoretical knowledge for real-life civil engineering problems. On the suggested way of learning the student can reach a deeper understand of structural mechanics and gets an applicable knowledge about civil engineering structures.

We thank Dénes Tarján for the technical support and Tamás Pluzsik for his photos.

How to learn

  1. First read the mechanical background of each topics in the textbook. 
  2. Read and understand the examples worked out in the textbook. 
  3. Solve the homework problems with the help of the Solution Manual.
    Main Menu fits the Sections of the book

How to use Solution Manual

Solution Manual offers three different way to check your solution attached to the different levels of learning.

  1. Try to SOLVE the homework problems independently and check your results numerically. The feedback will be CORRECT if the answer is within 2% of the solution. Attention! Numerical correspondence can hide theoretical mistakes, thus review the worked out solution after getting the right results.
  2. If your answer is wrong, or you need help, review the STEP BY STEP solution. You can check the main steps only or you can get help for any steps you need.
  3. To review the solution and to summarize the results WORKED OUT SOLUTIONs are also given. We suggest to open it only at the end of the learning process, when you have already successfully solved the problem on your own.
    Passive way of learn is never so efficient. First do it alone!
    In the Solution Manual equations, Figures and Equations of the textbook are referred.

    To start choose a topic from the Main Menu.

Have a good job!

Gabriella Tarján and László P. Kollár